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In the world of technology, telecom was and remains an essential factor of development and a sign of growth of countries. From the time when Graham Bell created the first phone using a raw wire a hundred years ago, and until today with all the innovative fibers and frequencies, the telecom industry has always been offering new technologies and services that help people around the world in their daily lives. This has been especially true during times of calamity, such as after an earthquake or a tsunami, as the satellite communications helped to save so many lives, or in snowfalls whereby the GSM mobile plays an essential role to find missing people.

All this comes to prove that telecom is one of the most important aspects of our societies, economies, daily work, and even personal communications.

Telecom Review is the monthly publication that targets all the telecom industry seniors and executives, as well as those who have an interest in this field, delivering to them  telecom sector from all around the world.

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