Emre Gurkan


Touch Lebanon

Driven by a common vision to provide the latest in the evolving ICT industry, touch builds upon the 10 years longstanding cooperation with Trace Media. The media platform is essential in curating and sharing truly cutting-edge topics, insights, and trends within the telecom industry. Our longstanding relationship with Trace Media is also translated through our partnership in the Telecom Review Summit Lebanon edition that we consider to be a place where all ICT industry leaders can come together under one roof to cover the latest telecommunication solutions across the country.

Osman Sultan



Working together to grasp the essence of the technological conversations taking place now and to deliver them with high proficiency to the readers, is a job that was always well accomplished with high efficiency for us by TELECOME REVIEW. We have partnered with them for years and admire their comprehensive analysis of the trends in the dynamic telecom sector within the MENA region, and we look forward to continue our collaborations in the future.

Marwan Hayek

Chairman and CEO


Trace Media is the dearest to our heart of all our valued business partners. What started as a purely business partnership turned into a relationship with incredibly deep synergies based on common trust and values. Through its trusted platforms and publications, Trace Media, has always been part of our successes and in spreading happiness to our customers’ through shedding light and endorsing all historic moments of Alfa: 4G+, 1st 5G trial, VoLTE among many others. Together and jointly, we relaunched the Lebanese chapter of Telecom Review Summit which has set itself as a strategic yearly platform promoting our beloved country and its immense talents and potential. I wish Toni and his team more success and together, we will always aim and achieve big.

Elie Raphaêl

Chairman & General Manager

Arab Printing Press

It is our pleasure to recommend Trace Media as one of our most loyal clients. We believe that their creativity and professionalism in communication and managing projects led to a mutual and continuous success since the year 2000.

Dr. Ibrahim Gedeon



It’s great being at the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit because there are very few gatherings where you get the right level of representation. If someone was to ask me in a few words about the beauty of the event then it would be the networking aspect of the Summit in the context of relevant networking. It’s a fantastic conference and I’m delighted to be part of it.

Elias Saab

Managing Director

Sofrecom Middle East

Sofrecom Group decided to partner with Trace Media thanks to its solid experience in the telecoms industry and deep knowledge of our growing business regions: Africa and Middle East. Thanks to this fruitful collaboration, Sofrecom not only enhanced its presence in the regional media but also enjoyed networking with its peers during Trace Media’s events.

Marc Halbfinger


PCCW Global

Telecom Review does something very important. It brings together governments, consultants, service providers, cloud providers and vendors all around the common table, each delving into quite critical opinions at the retail level for consumers, retail level for enterprises, the wholesale perspective and the industry development perspective to find an important vision for today and tomorrow. So in that regard, each year I come to the Telecom Review Leaders’ Summit, I find it to be intellectually motivating.